TEL 0493-72-1234(Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30)

7-2 Shimofurutera, Ogawamachi, Hiki District, 355-0326, Saitama

Awarded a gold award by the Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (National Research Institute of Brewing) for eight years in a row (prefectural record)

Japanese Sake prepared with mineral-rich ground water

We do not sell alcoholic beverages to anyone under 20 years of age.

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Award History from Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (from 1989)

Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai
Gold award winning sake brewery for 8 consecutive years (Saitama Prefectural record)

2019 Gold Award
2018 Award
2017 Gold Award
2015 Award
2014 Gold Award
2013 Award
2012 Award
2011 Gold Award
2010 Gold Award
2009 Gold Award
2008 Gold Award
2007 Gold Award
2006 Gold Award
2005 Gold Award
2004 Gold Award
2003 Gold Award
2001 Award
2000 Award
1999 Gold Award
1998 Gold Award
1996 Gold Award
1994 Award
1993 Gold Award
1992 Award
1991 Gold Award
1990 Award
  • Gold award winner for 8 consecutive years between 2004 – 2011 (17 years total)
  • Others: Recipient of awards from IWC (International Wine Challenge), SAKE COMPETITION, Omachi Summit, Kanto Shinetsu Regional Taxation Bureau Sake Awards,
    Nanbu Toji Sake Awards, Shunki Sake Awards, and more.

    Company Outline

    Name Matsuoka Brewery Co., Ltd.
    Established 1851 (Kaei 4)
    Representative CEO, Ryoji MATSUOKA
    Address 〒355-0326
    7-2 Shimofurutera, Ogawamachi, Hiki District, Saitama
    TEL 0493-72-1234
    (Open for inquiries on weekdays from 9:00 – 17:30)
    FAX 0493-74-1010
    Open Brewery: Weekdays 9:00 – 17:30
    Direct Sales Office: 9:00 – 17:00 (open on weekends and holi-days)
    Closed Brewery: Weekends and Holidays
    Direct Sales Office: January 1 – 3
    Major Products Raw sake such as Mikadomatsu Daiginjo, Ginjo CEO’s Sake, Mikadomatsu Junmai Sake
    Umeshu, Yuzushu, Chocolate Liqueur, etc.
    “Pikkurishu” series (Rice shochu with Ginjo sake) in Rice, Yuzu, Sweet Potato varieties,
    Sake leeks, Shio koji


    directions_carBy Car

    About 15 minutes from Ranzan-Ogawa IC by car
    Parking lot available (about 100 spots)

    trainBy Train

    About 25 minutes from Tobu Tojo Line/JR Ogawamachi Station on foot
    (5 minutes by taxi)

    directions_bikeBy Bicycle

    About 10 minutes from Tobu Tojo Line/JR Ogawamachi Station by bike
    Bike rack available

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    Matsuoka Brewery Co., Ltd.

    7-2 Shimofurutera, Ogawamachi, Hiki District, 355-0326, Saitama

    TEL 0493-72-1234(Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30)

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