Sake has variety of kinds depending on basic ingredient and manufacturing process.
We are going to explain the difference and feature of each sake below.

Point 1
How much polished is the rice?

  • The difference in the ratio indicating the quantity of polished rice gained from brown rice changes the flavour and scent of the sake.
    The surface of rice is covered with an ingredient that creates a taste of bitterness, while the center has a high concentration of starch.
    As a result, the more the rice is polished, bitterness is removed and a better scented sake is produced.

    The ration of polished rice used is what essentially differentiates Daiginjyo, Ginjyo, Jouzoushu, the different types of sake.
  • Milled Rice Alcohol free Alcohol addition
    50% and less
    Dai Ginjyo
    Dai Ginjyo
    60% and less
    70% and less
    Jyunmai Hon Jyozo

Point 2
Features of each kind of Sake

Below graphic classifies sake into categories depending on degree of scents and taste.