About Sake Brewery visit

We offer guided tours to our sake brewery every day (advanced reservation required). Please come and visit us as part of company outings, school trips and family events.

We also offer free sake and mother water(based water used to make sake) tasting during Sake Brewery visit.

We produce non-alcoholic products such as the "Daiginjo Icecream" made of high quality daiginjo, and organic cosmetics made of malted rice.

Reservation required to visit the sake brewery.

For those who come to visit Matsuoka Brewery

  • Zoom
    • By car

    • 15 min drive from Ranzan Ogawa Interchange (Parking available)
    • By train

    • 25 min walk (5 min taxi ride) from Tobu Tojo Line Ogawamachi Station
    • By bicycle

    • 10 min cycle from Tobu Tojo Line Ogawamachi Station


  • The 14th MIKADOMATSU Sake Festival
  • Date and time
  • Sunday, February 26, 2017 10: 00 ~
  • Venue
  • Matsuoka brewery Co., Ltd. On site