• Ryoji Matsuoka

    Ryoji Matsuoka
    Chief Executive Officer

I became 6th CEO of Matsuoka Brewery Co., Ltd. thirteen years ago.
Until then, he had worked at Sake department of giant food company for twenty seven years to gain practical experience on Sake Business.

I aspire to keep improving quality of Sake and provide it to as many consumers as I can.
It is getting harder to obtain good materials for Sake make, because of the long recession in Japan.
However, I belive that seeking excellence in Sake is my duty as a succesor of Matsuoka Brewery.

Nowadays more and more people get interest in Japanese culture.
"Wasyoku" and "technique of creating Washi in Ogawamachi" are registered as UNESCO world heritage.
It seems great chance for authentic Sake manufacturers to restore a brand to its former luster.
In order to make it happened, we should modify traditional Sake into new one for modern ege.

Sadly, there is just a few consumers who can recognize the difference of Sake taste.
Matsuoka Brewry holds Sake festival to give out variery kinds of Sake for local people.
I hope that people recognize and enjoy the difference of Sake taste turhough the festival.