From Edo era.

The founder of Matsuoka Brewery, Yuemon Matsuoka, was the son of Sake manufacturer in Echigo in Nigata prefecture.
He moved into Ogawamachi to found Matsuoka Brewery in Edo-era.
He had two reasons to choose Ogawamachi for his Sake brewery.
One reason is the narural mineral water from Chichibu Mountain, which is one of the most important component to make good Sake.
Second reason is that Ogawamachi at that time was prosper as key junctions of trade between city and city.
Also, a lot of people make rice trade in Ogawamachi because Ogawamachi is located at the middle of rice fields and big cities.

From Edo era.
Company name at that time was Osakaya.
Osakaya sold Mastuzakari, which is the name of Sake.
In Showa era, Mikadomatsu changed the sake name Mastuzakari to Mikadomatsu.
"Mikado" translates 'to the highest level' and "Matsu" symbolises ‘prosperity’. Therefore, it is said that Mikadomatsu was named with the hope that the best quality sake will be produced with continuous prosperity.


We have produced 150 series of Sake to meet customer demands.
we have consistently aimed to produce sake that enlightens our customers to feel happy and find themselves smiling with impulse.

We hope Sake lovers enjoy our Sake so that we get stuck with Sake rice quality.
Rice produced in different locations each has its’ unique taste and flavour. Mikadomatsu uses carefully picked rice from across Japan including, "Yamada Nishiki" from Hyogo prefecture, "Sake Musashi" from Saitama prefecture, and "Yamasake Yongou" from Yamagata prefecture.

We will keep putting effort to spread Sake culture from our Sake brewery to the world.